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Everyone needs a hero.
And anyone can be a hero.

We're looking for people who need help and people who want to help out.

Based on your details, we'll look for someone who can help

When we find someone who could use your help, we'll put you both in touch

How does it work?

We're trying to connect people who have common lockdown-related problems with people who can solve those problems.

Tell us what help you need or how you'd like to help

Based on the details, we'll look for someone who can help or use your help in or around your area

Connect with the right people for the right thing

When we find someone who can help you or could use your help, we'll put you both in touch

Someone solves your problem or we find you a new hero

We're all regular people trying to help out, so we'll keep trying till your problem is solved


This is the working group so far. We're not a company or foundation. We could use some support.










We need more people to help run this

We need developers urgently.
We need someone to manage social media.
We need designers for UI and graphics.
If you're good at coordinating with many people at the same time, we need you.
If you're good at managing people or are good at talking to people, we need you.
If you have ideas on how to make this network better, we need you.
Please get in touch if you want to help.

Be aware: this is not paid work. This is literally public service. None of us are getting paid to do this. Some of us are paying to keep this running.
If you can spare time and lend your expertise during the lockdown, please help us reach more people in need. You'd literally be saving the world.


Fast answers to quick questions.

Who are you people and why are you doing this?

We are a group of citizens who are deeply concerned about the crisis that Covid-19 is causing around our country. We are mobilising resources and people to help with relief and emergencies, since it is unfair to expect the government and police to handle our huge population without public support.
For this, we need to first figure out what people need the most, and where most help is needed - only then can ground forces come and provide help.
This is why we are collecting this information and making a map of what kind of help is required in which areas.

How can I trust you?

We are regular, everyday people, just like you. You can check out all our LinkedIn profiles to see our backgrounds. We aren’t out to scam you or take advantage of anyone. We’re sitting up day and night doing this out of our own will, no one has asked us to do this. No one is paying us. There is no hidden agenda or political stance. We’re just trying to help.
If you still have trust issues with asking for help or offering your help, please call our admin Ajinkya - his phone number can be called from his name card in the team section of this page.

How will you help me?

We are in contact with lots of citizens’ groups throughout the country, and once you reach out to us for help, we’ll pass your message through our network. Someone from the network who is near you will get in touch with you to address your problem and find more relevant help.

How long will it take for help to reach me?

We cannot guarantee a time frame, but we promise to respond to you within one hour and to get help to you as soon as possible.

How can I help people?

In the current crisis, all your professional skills are very valuable - planning, coordination, ops management, customer relationship management, community engagement, line production, coding, photoshop - whatever you know, there’s a use for it in the country right now.
Besides this, your people skills - communication, empathy, patience - are critical to ensuring we can really help people effectively.
So if you’ve got a laptop or phone with internet, some time to spare, and hope for a better future, then now is the time to step up. Reach out to us now.

How long will you take to get back to me about the help I can provide?

We cannot guarantee a time frame, but we promise to respond to you within one hour and connect you with people who need your help.

Will we have to make any kind of payment for your services?

Absolutely not. We are a completely voluntary initiative of concerned citizens. We will never ask you for any money for our services. However, you might have to pay for your groceries, medical supplies etc.
If anyone who connects with you through this portal asks you to donate money to them, please refuse and report the incident to us.
Remember: Never, ever send money to any unknown person over PayTM or Google Pay type of apps. Only you will be responsible for any loss you incur.

Where do you operate?

We are currently based in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru, but we will connect you with people anywhere in the country. Your location is not a problem.

If I want to help, will I have to go out?

No, we will not ask you to go out. We’ll connect you with people on the ground, who will need your support.
Imagine yourself as office support staff for front line personnel. Many hospitals, foundations, NGOs, and even government organisation are short staffed due to the crisis. So we’re using what we’ve learned in the office to support these people.

Who will have my contact details?

Our team of volunteers and volunteer organisations will have your details. We will only share them in order to help you or contact you. We will not use them in any other way.

What languages can I use?

At the moment, we speak Hindi, Marathi, English, and French.

Can you help me get money from an ATM or bank?

No, unfortunately we do not deal with money matters. We can only help supply essentials and help. However, if you have a medical emergency or a similar urgent matter, we can try ad help arrange transport to a bank or ATM near you.

What if I’m based outside India but I have friends or relatives who need help within India?

No problem. We will try to help people anywhere in India. Just get in touch and let us know their details and what they need.